2 of 2014

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Content of the Journal - 2/2014 (individual links)

The National Public Order and Safety System (Alina-Antonela ȘOFINEȚ)

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Some considerations on the necessity of witness protection on the territory of Romania (George-Marius ȚICAL, phD; Octavian AMBROZIE, phD)

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Place and role of Forensic Science within Romanian System of Public Order and National Security (II) (Georgică PANFIL, phD)

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Forgery crimes - threat against national security (Petruţ Florin ENACHE, Alexandru DENA)

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Mapping the main categories of threats to the national security of Romania (Daniela Camelia MIREA)

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Unconventional threats to the security of Romania (Gavrilă BUFTEA)

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Management of the risk factors to the national security


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